A parent holds their child’s hand for a short while, but they hold their heart forever.

Father and daughter holdin hands through care

Photo courtesy of Anamarie James-Cunningham 



We are now accepting Long Term Care Insurance!!!
We are available to meet with you and help you understand your policy and learn how it can help you get the care you need and deserve; in many instances you can even get this care without having to pay out of pocket!

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     Get the care your loved on deserves!

     Your loved one worked hard all their lives, many sacrificing to provide and support their family, they deserve to get the care they need without making them or their family sacrifice more than they already have.  Seniors and their families deserve to get the care they need without sacrificing what they deserve.  We believe all seniors should be able to get the care they need with the ability to stay at home for as long as possible without breaking the bank, stressing and worrying while still getting what they deserve.

Why do we have this philosophy? 

     Because we have been there.  We have watched our loved one want to stay home, to get the care they needed on the fixed income that many seniors are on.  We have been the family members who dipped into our own banks to try to help.  Now, we want to help other seniors and their families in these situations.


     Find our short story on our About Page to learn more about where we’ve been and why we do what we do.  You can learn more about us on our Meet the Team Page, learn about those who have inspired us to do what we do on our Inspiring People Page, and see what others are saying about us on our Testimonial Page.


     We always welcome questions about us, our services and how we can help so please never hesitate to Contact the office and talk to us.


We know how scary things can be with COVID-19 spreading and all the news we get, we want you to know we are doing everything possible to ensure the safety and health of the seniors we assist, their families, our staff as well as their families.  We are offering drop in visits to those who would like us to check on their loved ones where we will check their health and safety using the information from the CDC, as well as assist with getting their groceries and essential items.  


We have implemented additional training to prepare our staff to handle the Covid-19 virus as well as implemented other precautions such as monitoring all caregivers and clients before and during every shift for the slightest sign of any kind of illness using questionnaires created with the information form the CDC and monitoring temperatures. 


We continually share the newest updates and information on our Facebook page, you can also find the answers to frequently asked question and the most up to date information from the CDC, W.H.O. and PA Department of Health.  We want all our clients, employees, their families, and everyone in our community to know we are here for them, ready to help where we can and are doing everything possible to keep everyone safe, healthy, and protected.

We are fully Insured and Bonded and follow a strict policy of non-discrimination while hiring and providing services!!!

Better Care Starts with You!