Our Story


     We were created because we wanted seniors to get the care, they needed without having to give up what they deserved, without having to move out of a home they spent a lifetime building.  We want them to be happy and as independent as possible while still remaining safe and healthy.


     We know how stressful and worrisome it can be when a loved one begins to need more help in their daily life.  Sometimes it becomes so stressful and you worry so much that it ends up effecting the family physically, mentally, emotionally and even financially.  We know this because we’ve been there. 


     We’ve worried about our loved one trying to live independently, doing simple everyday tasks that suddenly became too hard for them to do.  We’ve stressed over what to do and how to help them, we took off work many times to be able to be there to help, we’ve left work suddenly because they needed help and no one else was available.  We’ve put our everything into helping them remain at home instead of being placed into a facility because we knew they wanted to be home.  We know the stress and effects of it all, we know the statistics and the care that is provided and available at the facilities, we did our research and homework and knew we wanted to give our loved one the best we could. 


     We were right where you and your loved ones are standing, looking for help, looking for a way to provide them with the care they need and deserve while letting them keep living where it makes them happy.  That’s why we’re here in front of you right now.


     We are on a mission to assist the seniors in Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties with getting everything they need and deserve after a lifetime of hard work.  We are on a mission to ease that worry and stress their families go through using our family owned and operated company.


     When a senior signs on with our company, they don’t just become a client or a paycheck.  They and their families become a part of our family for as long or short as they need us!


     To learn more about the people who inspired our hearts, you can read about them on our Inspiring People page.

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