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Robert (Bob) Crossley (08/25/42-12/22/10) 

Bob was a man with one of the biggest hearts we have ever seen.  He was raised to care and love every person and living thing.  He raised four girls to have the same respect and love and helped pass that on to his grandchildren.  He instilled the need to respect and love animals, nature and your neighbor, this led to so many instances that he showed his golden heart without want for anything in return.  He would help as much as he could, even though he himself needed help with things and his health was never up to par.  Bob made sure that all those around him felt and knew they were loved without a doubt and with his whole heart.  


As a teen he was diagnosed with Diabetes, and as any teen boy he wanted to be like the others.  His actions when he was younger led to decreased health later, ending up with his toes amputated, dependent on insulin injections he had to give himself according to his blood sugar level, his mobility was decreased and became increasingly difficult.  Because he did not care for himself when he was young, his organs were affected and began to break down, he had several heart attacks, triple bypass, and many other issues that began to grow.


Although Bob dealt with all of these ailments, he still made time for his friends and family and any stranger he came across that he could help.  He always had a smile for his grand kids, he always had a joke, a silly song or saying no matter what he was going through or feeling.  As he grew with experience, he would find those who would be newly diagnosed with diabetes, they would not follow their doctors’ orders, they would not make sure they were taking care of themselves properly.  Bob would sit down with the person, show them his many scars, his missing toes and his ailments, he would tell them everything he struggled with daily now because of what he had ignored and refused to do when he was younger.  He would talk to the person, teach them and help them along the way as they learned about their own bodies fighting diabetes. 


After so many stays and visits to so many hospitals and nursing homes it became obvious that there were flaws in the care he received.  As time went on his family began to notice more and more times that they needed to step in, to be the advocate and make sure he was being taken care of.  As his granddaughter grew and watched the care he received and the compassion that had been given to him time and time again she began seeing the need for more caregivers who worked because it was what they felt they needed to do, to show they care, to give the love, compassion and respect to even those who did not have family or anyone to speak for them.  She saw experiences that she knew needed to change and she spoke with Bob about his care, she spent her time helping him as his health continued to decline.  He was the inspiration behind her working hard to become a nursing assistance.  His experiences are what pushed his family to want to help others.


Bob was an avid outdoors man, he loved the outdoors, gardening and nature.  He used to grow flowers many years ago before his health became more of an issue and one of the many flowers, one of the most beautiful was the blue rose.  There are many meanings hidden behind this very special flower, but to us it means love, care, compassion, helping other, working hard, and a golden heart. That is why we have used this incredibly stunning flower as our emblem and name, to carry on its meaning to us and to help share the love that was behind the person who made this all so important to do.

Henry (Hank) Edward Boerner Jr (04/13/1937-05/26/2006)

Hank was a man of many talents.  He loved the outdoors, his garden and his family.  He held many jobs in his life time ranging from truck driver to animal control to father and grandfather, having an adventure with each one.  He served in the United States Navy Reserves stationed at Willowgrove where he worked as a navigator with the Sub-Hunting division.  He was not one for the ocean as we have many stories of him getting sea sick while having to perform tasks or training.  


Hank was a loud, fun loving man that seemed to know everyone around.  He could be your best friend and he could be very protective.  His friend called him Hank while others had many names for him like Henry, Dad and Pop-pop.  He enjoyed everything he could of life and loved his family. 

In early 2016 he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  It was a long and very difficult journey that he fought with all he had the entire way.  He had been given only a couple of months, but he fought for nearly five months until he lost the battle Memorial Day Weekend.  The family decided not to have caregivers come in, wanting to take care of him on their own.  They helped him from talking all the way to the end, with a Nurse checking on him and giving advice to his family members along the way.  His family learned firsthand what it meant to be a caregiver, how hard it was and what it truly meant to have someone there to help their loved one know they're loved. 


The owner of Blue Rose Home Care knows how important it was to have someone there to help a loved one with their needs from the small talks to the complete care, all given with love.  It's another reason Blue Rose Home Care came to be, with our standards of helping our clients and treating them as if they were our very own loved one.


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