Meet The Office Team



Henry is the owner of this loving company.  He has spent his life working hard to help and care for his family.  He has been a supervisor for over 30 years and has also been involved in the care of his father-in-law and his own father as they aged and became ill.  He has seen the struggles his own family went through when his father and father-in-law both needed care and seemed to be more relaxed and comfortable at home, but their limited income prevented them from being able to pay for care at home. He's seen the benefits of the help, the comfort and peace of mind of the family as well and he created this company to pass these benefits along to even more of those in need.



Lauren is our administrator and will be working closely with employees to create a company that provides the care the seniors deserve and need.  She will also be working in the field to make sure that each client receives the proper care, and that each employee is trained and ready to help.  Lauren has worked for over 13 years in nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities and home care agencies and she's seen how important it is for a loved one to have the right care that they truly deserve. 


Director of Operations and Compliance


Kody is our Operations and Compliance Director.  He has years of experience managing multiple offices of a company and looks to keep Blue Rose in compliance with every law and order for our agency as well as focusing on making sure each and every client and their families get the proper care and dedication they deserve.  He works closely with employees to make sure they have the proper skills and resources to provide the best care possible to our communities.


Office Manager

Diana is our Office Manager, she works to keep the agency running smoothly, assisting with getting callers and the emails in touch with the right people to help them with their needs, as well as getting the right information to those requesting.  She works hard to make sure that everyone is cared for and helps to keep peace of mind for those with questions and concerns.