Dad Date

National Play Day with Dad encourages fathers to spend the day focused on fun with their kids. It's a day designed for bonding and memories for fathers and children. It's so important to find time to sped time with parents and children, time flies and life can get in the way but there are important moments that should never be missed. This is a day to share and create those moments and memories to carry for the rest of your life and theirs.

Some of the ways to participate:

  • Play games together

  • hug, smile, dance with your children

  • have a photo-shoot with your family

  • play ball together

  • watch your child compete in something

  • tell your children about your father, share family stories

  • rad a book to your child

  • Join your adult children while they are working on a project

  • Spend the day enjoying each other and creating memories for years to come.


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