Lend an Ear

Today is National Day of Listening! In 2008, the non-profit organization, StoryCorps, launched the National Day of Listening as a way to encourage families to set aside the day after Thanksgiving as a time to share and record the history of their family, friends and community.

Have you ever wondered what Grandma’s favorite memory is, or how your father got that scar on his brow? What’s the story behind a friend’s nickname?  Recording stories and sharing them gives breath to them. When we’re gathered with family and friends, we often reminisce. And while not all memories are pleasant, they hold a power over us that need to be released. Telling them and sharing them lets our friends and families learn some of the lessons, some of our culture and heritage.

We’re made of many experiences and the experiences of those who’ve gone before us. Spend the day listening to their stories. Record them. Share them. Interview someone close to you or someone new to you. Let them become an indelible part of your life. 



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